ActiveCMMS is the software was designed to help engineers and technical staff to perform their maintenance tasks much easier especially in industrial use. But you can use it in facilities maintenance and fleet maintenance as well. Following are the program features:-
  • Calculate and schedule Preventive Maintenance task (PM) and resources both Day-based and Meter-based
  • Work request for unexpected machine breakdown
  • Record & Search for equipments/machines maintenance history
  • Spareparts management and use history
  • Maintenance cost calculation and reports
  • Purchasing request

  • Demo program

    Demo program work best on Windows 32 bits (Windows XP, Windows 7) The installer must have Administrator rights to install. If your computer use newer version of Windows or it is 64 bits Windows. The demo program will not work as expect. In this case, please consult for addtional help.
    You must Download all 3 files from this website and install all of them to your computer
    1. Firebird ODBC Driver
    2. Firebird Database Engine
    3. ActiveCMMS Demo version

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